Kelp! A Miracle Fertilizer

Kelp! A Miracle Fertilizer

Kelp fertilizer is one of the best supplements you can use in your garden for a variety of reasons. Liquid kelp fertilizer is a natural alternative to artificial fertilizers used for growing plants but without any by-products or environmentally damaging chemicals. The seaweed used to produce kelp fertilizer is sustainable and it can be harvested in a way that is safe for the environment, given that kelp has a particular cell structure that enables it to grow up to three feet per day. It usually comes in a concentrate that is to be diluted depending on the plant that it is being applied to. For instance, the fertilizer that would be applied to a lawn would be much more diluted than of that applied to a houseplant. Kelp fertilizer is so effective and reliable that it’s used on professional golf courses and football fields all across the country. Its effects are seen quickly and a little bit of the concentrated fertilizer goes a long way.

Liquid kelp can benefit your plants no matter what stage of life the plant is in. Studies have found that soaking seeds in seaweed extract reduces transplant shock, and benefits the roots to grow at a more rapid rate and with more mass, and the plant’s overall survival rate becomes higher. Liquid kelp fertilizer appears to be a miracle product when used on almost any plant:

  • Many fruits become sweeter
  • Veggies are less prone to softening and often grow larger
  • Increases flower production on flowering plants
  • Increases overall plant resilience to disease
  • Cut flowers stay fresh longer
  • Encourages root growth, both in rate and root mass
  • Fruits and vegetables survive longer post-harvest if treated with seaweed fertilizer pre-harvest

Using kelp for plants is not only a good idea because it’s a natural fertilizer, thus providing nutrition to the plant, but it also encourages your plants to more effectively draw nutrients from the soil in general 

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